Our Service

Nails Set

Full set acrylic $35 up
Full set acrylic + gel polish.. $45 up
Full set white tip $40 up
Full set pink & white $55 up

Nail Refill

Re-fill acrylic $25 up
Re-fill acrylic + gel polish $35 up
Re-fill pink & white $45 up

Other Services

French $10 
Acrylic nail fix $8 up
Design nails $10 up

Polish Change

Hands $12 up
Toes $15 up
Gel Polish Change Hands $25 up
Gel Polish Change Toes $30 up

Kid Services

Pedicure $20 up
Manicure $15 up

SNS Service

Sns dip on your real nails $45 
Sns dip on Fake nails $50 up
Sns dip pink & white $50 up


1. Rainbow Classic Manicure $20 

Our most popular basic treatment includes nail trimming and reshaping, cuticle grooming, and buffing, followed by a relaxing hot lotion hand massage and tantalizing hot towel wrap. The treatment finished with your choice of polish.

2. Rainbow Deluxe Manicure $25 

This is an extended version of our classic manicure with sea salt scrub to exfoliate the clear skin and melting candle massage to deeply moisturize your lovely hands.

3. No Chip Manicure w/Gel Polish $35 


1. Rainbow Classic Pedicure $30 

Our classic pedicure includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming and buffing along with a hot lotion and hot stone massage for your feet and lower legs. The treatment is finished with a warm towel wrap and your choice of color. We recommend you to get a pedicure at least every three weeks to maintain your feet's healthy.

2. Rainbow Honey Princess Pedicure $35 

This is an extended version of you classic pedicure with a honey scrub to exfoliate and reduce your dead skin. This treatment will give your smooth and refresh feet for the rest of the day.

3. Rainbow Deluxe Pedicure $45 

In addition to getting the classic pedicure, you will be pampered with scandal candle, lavender scrub, mud mask, and paraffin wax. The mud mask will deeply penetrate the pores to even out scar and hyper-pigmentation. A paraffin wax treatment is added at the end to moisturize and rejuvenate the heels and cuticle. This treatment is recommended at least every other pedicure.

4. Rainbow Pearl Pedicure $50 

In addition to getting the classic pedicure, you will be pearl process
- Special pearl scent soak
- Pearl soap to soften skin
- Sea salt exfoliation massage
- Deep moisturizing mask and massage with hot stone towel wrap
- Pearl cream massage
- Pearl lotion massage
- Oil and hot stone massage
- Paraffin hot wax soak
- Hot towel

5. Rainbow Diamond Pedicure $55 

This new pedicure is a lot different from your average. Instead of a soak in normal water, we soak your feet in a special jelly mixture. Encasing your feet in the warm jelly helps to relieve stress and aching muscles a scrub, foot mask, and cream to enhance the effects of the jelly spa as well as a hot stone massage and paraffin hot wax soak.